Arrivals View

ArrivalTracker is an iPhone app for showing TriMet bus and train arrival predictions wrapped in a beautiful interface.

  • Browse nearby stops
  • Quickly enter a Stop ID
  • Pick frequently used stops from favorites
  • Access recent stops
  • Set reminders for upcoming arrivals
  • Fully accessible with assistive technologies
Available from the App Store.
Enter Stop ID

Simply enter a Stop ID.

  • Easy to use number pad
  • Instant confirmation of stop name
Arrival Detail View

Get details about your arriving vehicle.

  • View vehicle location on a map (when available)
  • Touch the vehicle marker for distance and heading
Nearby Map

View and browse for nearby stops on a map.

  • Browse and pick bus stops from a map
  • Freely drag around the map
  • Pinch to zoom in and out
  • Touch a stop marker to view arrivals


I am more than happy to answer any questions, and receive feedback and bug reports that you might have about ArrivalTracker. Send your e-mail inquiry to and you will receive an answer within about a business day.



ArrivalTracker was designed & developed by Tim Trautmann, a Portland based software developer and frequent TriMet user.

Tim is available for iOS and Ruby on Rails development projects and can be reached via his webpage.